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Preservation New Jersey

Founded in 1978, Preservation New Jersey advocates for and promotes historic preservation as a sustainable strategy to protect and enhance the vitality and heritage of New Jersey’s richly diverse communities. PNJ is the only statewide private membership-supported historic preservation organization in New Jersey.

Preservation New Jersey:  publishes the annual 10 Most Endangered Historic Places in NJ list, which draws attention to remarkable sites and to their many challenges. We believe that listing them will be a catalyst for change and that positive solutions can be found for their preservation;  is a qualified organization for accepting historic preservation easements, which insures the perpetual protection of a property’s historic character and value, even if the property is transferred to subsequent owners. The program complies with all IRS regulations;  publishes a quarterly newsletter and online magazine, Preservation Perspective, instructional and informative Toolkits and other educational materials and publications;  maintains an informative and timely blog, Facebook and Flickr pages and Twitter;  advocates for sound public policy at the local, state and federal levels on behalf of the historic preservation community in New Jersey;  conducts tours, workshops, lectures and conferences to educate the public about historic sites and preservation and sustainability issues;  provides a network of and informative training opportunities for professionals through the Building Industry Network and; serves as a clearinghouse for technical assistance and information to homeowners, municipalities, historic preservation commissions, nonprofit agencies and other individuals and groups.