• The next meeting of the MLUL Steering Committee will take place on Tuesday, July 18th. Stay tuned for next steps.

On May 19th, municipal officials, planners, developers, land use attorneys, architects, engineers, environmentalists and others interested in local development who’ve been frustrated by the ins and outs of the Municipal Land Use Law joined together for a Municipal Land Use Law Re-Forum where, with the help of experienced facilitators, conducted an open meeting which allowed participants to shape the agenda and lead the discussion based upon the Steering Committee’s Central Guiding Question:

How can we enhance and update the MLUL to reflect 21st century planning advancements, recognize the diversity of conditions across municipalities, create an efficient, value-driven review process, and ensure development and preservation outcomes that support shared statewide priorities of prosperity, environmental stewardship, affordability, mobility, public health & safety, quality places and sustainable design? “

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